SACRA   Society for the Advancement of Construction Related Arts


The Society for the Advancement of Construction Related Arts (SACRA)—a partnership between Assembly House 150 and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's Innovation Lab—is a comprehensive 15-week program in carpentry and woodworking that provides skill-building, work readiness and job placement services to individuals interested in pursuing a career in construction-related fields.

SACRA’s project-based curriculum teaches skills ranging from basic framing to small woodworking and cabinetmaking. The program includes exposure to all aspects of the construction industry while focusing especially upon the architecture and design heritage of Buffalo/Niagara. SACRA utilizes design arts in order to facilitate teamwork, develop awareness of cultural heritage, and to impart skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving. SACRA’s hands-on instruction includes workshops by specialists, visits to worksites and landmarks, and exposure to career paths through field trips and presentations by industry professionals.

Projects realized by the SACRA team draw inspiration from—and aim to reinvigorate—the legacy of design and construction excellence in Western New York.