SACRA Student Profile: Meet Shawn ‘Mr. Google’ King

Shawn K.jpg

Shawn never expected to have the ability to build a house with his own hands. In fact, afraid that he might accidentally hammer himself, Shawn avoided learning how to use tools at all. The SACRA program has helped him realize that not only is he capable, but it isn’t as hard as he had once imagined.

Incredibly proud of how much he’s learning daily, Shawn takes a picture of the house the current class is constructing every hour to document just how quickly it undergoes transformation. As one of the few students without any background in construction, everything he learns is new to him. This clean slate makes Shawn unique among his classmates. He typically arrives at Assembly House 150 a few hours before everyone else to gain as much additional instruction as he can.

Shawn enjoys learning about blueprints and wants to use his newfound knowledge to work on a personal project—the building of a “huge man cave” in his own backyard.

While he continues to develop skills as a builder and craftsman, Shawn proclaims his greatest strength is an expansive vocabulary, as well as a knowledge of random facts. Known as “Mr. Google” amongst friends, one of his favorite words is “gregarious,” which he feels aptly describes his personality.

Shawn loves to look out for others, and helping them in a way he would want to be helped. He aspires to continue building on his strong foundation, being a good dad and maintaining a strong, happy relationship.

He dreams of building a youth community center with activities for kids as a positive option to roaming the streets. With the skills learned at Assembly House, who knows? That may one day be possible.