SACRA Student Profile: Ciara Salter Pampers Pooches

Ciara S.jpg

With more than $43 billion spent on domestic pets in the US last year, the pet industry offers a potential source of income for Ciara Salter who builds dog houses. As the market for both low- and high-end dog houses continues to increase, Ciara has dedicated the last five years to astutely meeting this niche demand.

Her stylish designs incorporate insulation, carpeting and a detachable roof for easy cleaning. “I also customize color schemes,” she says as well as accomodating other unsual features. Where did she pick up this trade? “My dad, he owned his own construction business, I’ve been at this since age 12.”

The construction industry is rife with potential safety hazards, though many of them can be avoided through proper training. Ciara ranks safety at the top of list of what she has learned at SACRA.  “The program has also introduced me to carving using new equipment, such as Japanese saws,” she says, whie praising the instructors for doing a great job and practicing patience.

“The house we’re constructing has been quite an experience, a lot goes into it, I enjoyed building stairs. We’re also exposed to design, creating an abstract mural from repurposed wood,” she says. “So many pieces represent the history of Buffalo, tell a lot of stories, I’m really excited about that.” 

Ciara says she a good listener who admires the hip hop icon Jay-Z. “I respect him as an entrepreneur, his work ethic and for getting the job done.”