SACRA Student Profile: Emoni White Never Gives Up


Emoni loves working with her hands. Her time spent at SACRA has shown that despite numerous splinters, nothing beats the motivation of completing a project. Emoni is immensely proud of her sawhorse, her first completed project that she now gets to see in use.

With not much prior construction experience, she is enjoying learning all the basics, and especially about the many different types of woods and their applications. Emoni is amazed by the library that has been constructed in the Assembly House  workspace and the ability of an old church to be repurposed in such a meaningful way.

Concurrently, she is going through her own personal reassessment, learning who she is and who she wants to be. Every day is a step towards discovering what drives her. She sees this time as an opportunity to start afresh. “It’s a new me and I‘m learning about her every day.”

While her long-term goal is to be a registered nurse, she is open to possible work in construction. As Emoni continues to explore new horizons, she remains grounded by her family. Her son is her greatest motivation, with her parents provide invaluable lessons as role models from their own personal experiences. “They taught me to never give up,” she said.  “Once you do, you're never going to get it back so you just have to keep trying.”

Her optimism shines through when she is with her SACRA classmates. Emoni wants anyone she interacts with to feel comfortable in just being themselves. The company of her classmates and the use of her hands each day is more than enough to get excited about. “I come here, have fun and learn,” she said. “Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun.”