SACRA Student Profile: Anthony Yerry: Thanks, Uncle Pat

anthony y.jpg

Anthony is no stranger to construction. He was introduced to the field at age 12 by his much admired Uncle Pat, owner of a home improvement business. “Apprenticing under him, I’ve been doing drywall, electrical, plumbing, heating, floors and doors for nearly 20 years,” said Anthony. “I started working with him as a ground guy, over the years advanced to roofing.” As a teenager, he also worked after hours in the maintainance of 35 West Side properties.

A graduate of Seneca Vocational High School, Anthony was at the top of his class when it came to electrical wiring. He also completed a semester of on framing systems, as well as other construction skills but wanted to learn so much more about the various techniques. Anthony enjoys SACRA and particularly loves working with wood. “SACRA is refining my framing skills,” says Anthony, who pitches in whenever needed to help fellow SACRA classmates.  “I’m learning detail and being introduced to new tools, such as joiners and planers.”

Anthony would like to contribute to Buffalo’s revival by building housing on abandoned lots that will give homeless people somewhere to live. He’s very passionate about his work. “Everything I touch, I do to the best of my ability. I work on houses as if I live in them,” he says. “I would not put my family at risk, I feel the same about other families.”

Fast forward: his next project is to build a drag car that accelerates to 200 MPH in less than 10 seconds. When asked if he had the choice to be anyone, he’d still choose himself. Anthony’s favorite word? “Inappropriate.” What cheers him? Being with his three kids. He says the weirdest thing about him is he eats mustard with fries, and that he doesn’t like ketchup. His hero? His Uncle Pat, which is not surprising.