SACRA Student Profile: Anthony Lidge Keeps Everybody Smiling

A Lidge.jpg

The greatest lesson SACRA has taught Anthony is that he uses his hands each day more than anything else. He’s right. These hard-working extremities allow us to manipulate our world but are all-too-often overlooked. If we followed the view of a wrist-cam, we could bear witness to the endless indispensable tasks that our multi-fingered workhorses perform.

Anthony has been involved with construction for most of his life, including his experience as a roofer. He’s no stranger to hard work and SACRA has provided him with the opportunity to build on all he knows. Through SACRA, Anthony has expanded his talents from the roof to learning how to build a house from the foundation.

“This program is showing me how to start from the bottom and work my way up,” he said. While taking on the building of a whole structure may sound intimidating, Anthony is finding, it’s really not: “I thought it would be stressful, hard work. I didn't think it would be this easy to start.”

Now that Anthony has taken a significant step in his career development, he hopes to continue expanding on this foundation in his personal life, including fulfilling an aspiration to build his own home.  While it may take a few years, he’s confident that he will make it happen.

Anthony’s enthusiasm, energy and confidence are a welcome addition to SACRA. He is described as the talkative one who gets along with any and everybody. “I keep everybody smiling,” he said. “If you’re having a stressed-out day I’ll talk with you, keep you happy and take your mind off of it.”

He’s learned from his grandfather, his greatest influence, always to be strong in the face of adversity and to stay positive through it all. If he could be anybody, Anthony would want to be Jesus for a day to help spread this positivity to the rest of the world. “I would save everybody from what they're going through now,” he said. “No wars.”

Although his charisma and charm radiate when he enters a room, Anthony feels his strength is in his humility. A dancer, rapper and musician, Anthony has performed with Run DMC and BeBe and CeCe Winans. These experiences were a major turnaround for the former shy, reserved Anthony. Now that he has emerged from his shell, he continues to be a source of positivity to his family, his community and his SACRA classmates.