“What we think about a city and how we perceive it informs the ways we act in it.”

Andreas Huyssen, preface to “Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo”

Our contemporary built environment is in need of places for individual and collective expression. Increasingly, our everyday surroundings are influenced by pragmatic imperatives (efficiency, economy, and standardization, for example), rather than by meaningful differentiation.  Where are the magical and mysterious places which stimulate our senses and provoke our imagination?  Cities are dynamic arenas within which our differences and commonalities resound. They should provide special, extraordinary opportunities to reflect upon being in the world.  At ASSEMBLY HOUSE 150, we realize artistic and architectural projects that enrich our shared, everyday experience and contribute to our understanding of cities as dynamic living organisms.  Our work results in the production of fantastic new spaces for contemplation and celebration:  interiors and exteriors, furnishings, as well as aesthetic objects and installations.  We use the ASSEMBLY HOUSE 150 building as a design/build laboratory and as an on-site testing ground for artistic/architectural experimentation.  ASSEMBLY HOUSE 150 hosts public events, exhibitions, and workshops that shape new perceptions of the environment around us.